Higher Diploma in Social Work

Higher Diploma in Social Work - The programme is designed to nurture students to be frontline professional social workers. Graduates are eligible to apply for registration as a Registered Social Worker under the recognization of the Social Workers Registration Board.
The programme is designed to nurture students to be frontline professional social workers and help them lay a good foundation for continuous learning.
The 2024-25 intake quota of Part-Time Higher Diploma in Social Work is full. 
Professional Qualification

The Higher Diploma in Social Work awarded by the Hong Kong College of Technology is recognised by the Social Workers Registration Board. Graduates are eligible to apply for registration as a Registered Social Worker.


Programme Features

  • The only Higher Diploma in Social Work in Hong Kong is taught in Chinese and is accredited by the HKCAAVQ and the Social Workers Registration Board
  • Combination of formal curriculum, off-campus learning and skills/target-specific workshops to nurture students with social work values and enhance their commitment to the profession
  • Learning activities that facilitate students to understand, analyse and respond to the changing needs and development of the social welfare sector
  • The 820-hour internship (100-hour pre-placement workshop and 720-hour fieldwork experience) before official placement equips students with industry knowledge and skills to enrich competitiveness for employment
  • Provide many opportunities to join different academic and professional activities like Scholarship plus Leadership Training Scheme, Practice Seminar and Conference, Cross-disciplinary Visiting Programme etc.
  • Graduates are eligible to be recognised as "Registered Social Workers" (RSW) by Social Workers Registration Board
  • Cooperate with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises (HKGCSE) to provide the "Social Work and Social Entrepreneurship" elective subject for students who are interested in understanding social enterprises and social innovation
  • Chinese is the medium of instruction, with an emphasis on the training of English as well


Featured Modules

  • Sociology and Society
  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Psychology and Human Development
  • Social Welfare in Hong Kong
  • Social Work Practice Subjects (Working with Individuals and Families, Groups, and Communities)
  • Skills Laboratories of Social Work Practice
  • Programme Planning and Administration for Social Work
  • Basic Legal Knowledge for Social Workers
  • Integrated Social Work Practice
  • Social Work and Social Entrepreneurship 

Articulation Path

Graduates may apply for the following bachelor's degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Science in Gerontology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 
  • Bachelor of Science in Community Health Practice, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Work, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Applied Social Sciences (Social Work / Social Policy and Social Entrepreneurship) , The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Bachelor of Social Work (Hons), Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Bachelor of Social Science in Social Work, City University of Hong Kong

Careeer Prospects

Graduates are qualified for registration as Registered Social Worker and apply for Social Work Assistant or equivalent positions at Social Welfare Department, social welfare agencies or NGOs.

Every student is required to complete 820 hours fieldwork practice (100-hour pre-placement workshop and 720-hour fieldwork experience) at 2 different social welfare organizations. The scope of fieldwork placement covers a broad range of services, including children and youth service, rehabilitation service, elderly service, family and child welfare, community development. Through fieldwork placement, students can put their social work values, knowledge and skills into practice and obtain valuable work experiences.

Mode of Study

Part Time

Teaching Mode

Face to face

Commencement of Study

September 2024


3 Years

Entry Requirements
  1. Attained Level 2 in 5 HKDSE subjects#, including Chinese and English [each applicant is allowed to use not more than two Applied Learning subjects at “Attained” level as equivalent to Level 2 in the application]^; or
  2. Pass in 1 A-Level or 2 AS-Level subjects in HKALE; and 5 passes in HKCEE including Chinese Language and English Language; or
  3. Holder of Diploma Yi Jin/ Diploma of Applied Education ; or
  4. Holder of Diploma for Tertiary Studies*; or
  5. Holder of Pre-Associate Degree / Diploma*; or
  6. Mature applicants of age 21 or above with 5 years’ working experience in human services; or
  7. Equivalent qualifications;
  8. Pass the admission interview.

#If one of the five HKDSE subjects considered is “Citizenship and Social Development”, the general admission requirement shall be “Attained” instead of “Level 2”.
^Applied Learning Chinese (for non-Chinese speaking students) is in general accepted as Chinese Language qualification, but it is not considered as an elective subject.
*with passes in Chinese and English languages in either HKCEE or HKDSE (Level 2) or equivalent public examination.

Tung Man Pui
"I was a very passive person who seldom joined school activities. However, classmates and social workers in HKCT encouraged me to attend student activities and exchange programmes and I was able to become a leader in the Orientation Camp and Social Services Group. Gradually, these activities and experience helped me to discover my talent in leadership and enhanced my confidence. My family and classmates are impressed with my changes."


Lee Man Yi (Mandy)
"Social workers need an acute sense of touch and empathy to respond to people and services accurately, in addition to various professional knowledge.

My understanding of social work and practical skills are enriching by the Social Work curriculum that includes a wide range of knowledge. My confidence towards the application of social work is enhanced. I could practice social work knowledge and skills, and understand my strength and weakness through the two placements, such as engagement, theoretical intervention and group dynamics. That I as a field work social worker in social welfare setting. During the placement, I practice the case and group works. I could apply the theories to the intervention work smoothly by the supervision of the supervisor. Although the 2 placements were hard, I affirmed the direction of my future work. It also reminds me to treat every service user carefully and implement my original intents of 'people-oriented, advance social justice'."

Year 1: $50,065 Year 2: $55,335 Year 3: $68,510

The tuition fee above is under 2024/25 Cohort.

QF Level
The qualification of this programme is recognised under the Qualifications Framework in Hong Kong.
QF level:4
QR Registration No.:12/000315/4
Registration Validity Period:1/9/2012 to 31/8/2025
Tuition fees and subsidies are to be reviewed and adjusted annually on various factors.