Professional Diploma in Sports Management and Coaching Studies

The programme aims at equipping students with the necessary sport management and coaching knowledge which is essential in positions such as fitness trainers, coaches and sports officers. This programme is accredited by the Qualifications Framework as QF Level 4 and caters for current practitioners, potential employees and learners seeking development opportunities in the sports field.

Programme Features

  • Chinese as medium of instruction and examination, complement with common English jargons that are used frequently in the field
  • Short study period which lasts for around 16 months quickest
  • Professional facilities including Fitness Room, Dance & Fitness Studio and Outdoor Sports Court
  • Plenty of practices opportunities that allows applications of learnt knowledge and skills
  • Diversified activities like certified First Aids class, mountaineering, ropes course, sport climbing, etc

Featured Modules

  • Coaching an Individual Sport: Self-instructional strategies will be introduced and implemented through a common individual sport
  • Coaching a Team Sport: Aspects of instructional strategies, team building and leadership, tactics and strategies, practice design and rules of the games are covered
  • Outdoor Activities: Mountaineering and rope course opportunities are provided
  • Capstone Project: provides hands-on experience in working with authentic sports / recreation bodies and NGO
Graduation Path

Articulation Path

Graduates with at least 3 years full-time working experience in the sports industry can articulate to “Bachelor of Science (Honours) Sports Management and Coaching" (Full-time programme) offered by CTIHE. They can also pursue further studies in sports related degree programmes locally and internationally.

Career Prospects

Graduates can apply for various jobs in the sports-related disciplines such as leisure and recreation management, sports management and physical education that require a qualification in certificate/diploma/higher diploma. They can also take up position in the disciplinary forces* or physiotherapist assistant.

* Applicants must fulfill the minimum entry requirements of the above disciplined services. Please refer to the related disciplined services website for details.
Programme Details
Mode of Study

Part Time

Teaching Mode

Face to face (Classes may need to conducted via online platform depending on epidemic for the sake of students’ safety)

Commencement of Study

October 2020

Entry Requirements
  1. Holder of Diploma Yi Jin; or
  2. Holder of HKCT’s diploma; or
  3. Holder of Pre-Associate Degree; or
  4. Holder of Diploma/Certificate; or [the qualification should be awarded by one of the local or overseas recognised tertiary institutions/ post-secondary colleges, and the length of study is at least 450 teaching hours]; or
  5. Attained Level 2 in 5 HKDSE subjects, including English and Chinese [each applicant is allowed to use not more than two Applied Learning subjects at “Attained” level as equivalent to Level 2 in the application]; or
  6. Pass in 1 A-Level or 2 AS-Level subjects in HKALE (with 5 passes in HKCEE subjects, including English Language and Chinese Language); or
  7. Holder of Project Yi Jin with 1 year relevant working experience; or
  8. Applicants of age 21 or above with 2 years relevant working experience; or
  9. Equivalent qualifications; and
  10. Pass an admission interview

Note: Applicants without relevant working experience (i.e. items 1 to 6 & 9) are required to submit evidence of:

  • as Holder of Certificates conferred by National Sports Association (NSA); or
  • as Representatives of school team or above level; or
  • Having studied physical education subject in DSE or Applied Learning, or sports related diploma/DYJ programme; or
  • Other equivalent qualifications, subject to the approval of the admission panel.
Tuition Fee

Total $46,800 (in 5 installments)

($9,900 for the first instalment)


Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme

For the details of Government Financial Assistance and Subsidy

QF Level
The qualification of this programme is recognised under the Qualifications Framework in Hong Kong.
QF level:4
QR Registration No.:17/000495/L4
Registration Validity Period:1/9/2017 to 31/8/2023
Tuition fees and government subsidies will be reviewed and adjusted annually on various factors. All tuition fees are subject to the final approval from the Education Bureau.
Hong Kong College of Technology reserves the right of cancellation of programme and granting offer without prior notice.