Mini MBA: Artificial Intelligence in Business - from technical to practical

Mini MBA: Artificial Intelligence in Business - from technical to practical - 本課程將探索人工智能 (AI) 模型,教授由技術上至操作上的豐富商業AI知識。
Provide students with sound knowledge in artificial intelligence from the technical to practical of business industries.
  • Most AI courses in the market, when mentioning "technical", they only refer to how we can master existing programming tools or language, to configure and train an AI to handle the problem in hand;
  • Without really understand the AI theory and model itself, we don't know why the training works or not, what's the pitfall, why the model gives out such result and if it is optimal.
  • Without going into deep algorithm study, we will explore the AI model how it can help us think of AI and get a feeling of ways AI "learn", and "dream".
  • Fundamental AI - Theory, History and Background Machine Learning and AI
  • AI Training and learning models in development
  • How AI tackles various problem? Information and data extraction technique for AI
  • Train your own AI Model - first contact with AI training tools
  • How is AI shaping the society / economy of Now
  • Industry study #1: Guest speaker (Bank) - How AI helps in financial institute in understanding their customer?
  • Industry study #2: Guest speaker (Consultancy) - How AI helps in various industries in general? Consultancy firm Accenture Inc. shares with us the challenges their customers are facing.
  • Industry study #3: Guest speaker (Security and Access Control company) - How AI helps security management companies service using facial recognition technique for daily operation
  • Industry study #4: How AI helps hospitality industry in serving the customes better? Use of robotics and machine learning in AI
  • The Future of AI - when AI becomes everyday life and where are we heading?



面授 (課堂有機會需要因應疫情而改為網上授課)



  • A bachelor degree holder; or
  • Other qualification holder with working experience in mid-level of management or above will be considered on individual merit.

* Confirmation of enrolment is subjected to submission of documents meeting the above entrance requirements.